About Clinic

Confident Smile Is Our Motive

At “Gupta Dental Clinic  & Implant Center“, we are dedicated to create beautiful, natural smiles using state-of-the-art techniques in a caring and comfortable environment. Gupta Dental Clinic & Implant Center is a renowned dental clinic providing multidisciplinary services in dental treatments. It is recognized as an international standard set up for complete range of dental treatments.

Apart from the routine dental treatments and dental checkups, we have comprehensive dental treatments ranging from permanent teeth fixation, full or complete denture, capping of fractured & discoloured tooth, root canal treatment, implant, orthodontia, orthognathic surgery, gum surgery to Cosmetic fillings.


We ensure high degree of sterilization by latest sterilizing equipments like auto-clave,UV chamber, glass bead sterilizer and with chemical sterilizing materials to keep the patients protected from dreadful diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis-B and other infections.

Why Us?

Highly competent and humble staff.

Use of disposables wherever possible.

Standards of sterilization & infection control.

Hi Tech lab back up delivering precise

Highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Advanced diagnostic aids, latest dental materials.

Gupta Dental Clinic & Implant Center is dedicated to proffer patients exceptional dental care services.

We always try to provide excellent results and also offering the service that is going to make patients smile. Affordable, cosmetic dentistry and quality implants are available for patients in our state-of-the-art clinic. Our aim is to accomplish our patient’s expectations and their dream of a healthy and beautiful smile. Exceptional and personalized care is available for patients.

To be able to provide treatment and relief to my patients in the most proficient and honest manner possible so as to alleviate their suffering and pain and to use this God gifted ability for the betterment of society. To provide international standard end to end solutions for all types of dental problems.